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Home and living Products From Genuine Brands.

  • Sink strainer..
  • KSH.449
  • 20cm Stainless steel web deep ..
  • KSH.550
  • 18cm Stainless steel web deep ..
  • KSH.500
  • 16cm Stainless steel web deep ..
  • KSH.450
  • Black Garbage Trash Bags 50 Pi..
  • KSH.1,300
  • 3 in 1 Soap Dispenser with Tow..
  • KSH.1,350
  • Plastic Sink top triangle pad ..
  • KSH.699
  • Sink top triangle silicon pad ..
  • KSH.599
  • Amazing 3D Kitchen Mats 2 piec..
  • KSH.2,299
  • Love 3D Kitchen Mats 2 piece S..
  • KSH.2,299
  • 2 piece Set 3D Kitchen Mats ..
  • KSH.2,299
  • Beautiful 3D Kitchen Mats 2 pi..
  • KSH.2,299
  • Green Floral 3D Kitchen Mats 2..
  • KSH.2,299
  • Yellow 3D Kitchen Mats 2 piece..
  • KSH.2,299
  • Coffee Brown 3D Kitchen Mats 2..
  • KSH.2,299
  • Stone Pattern 3D Kitchen Mats ..
  • KSH.2,299
  • High Quality 3D Kitchen Mats 2..
  • KSH.2,299
  • Sunflower 3D Kitchen Mats 2 pi..
  • KSH.2,299
  • Black Floral 3D Kitchen Mats 2..
  • KSH.2,299
  • Brown 3D Kitchen Mats 2 piece ..
  • KSH.2,299
  • Black Green Quality 3D Kitchen..
  • KSH.2,299
  • Quality 3D Kitchen Mats 2 piec..
  • KSH.2,299
  • Colorful 3D Kitchen Mats 2 pie..
  • KSH.2,299
  • Reliable Magnetic Gas Level In..
  • KSH.1,200
  • High quality Vinyl wallpaper G..
  • KSH.1,999
  • Adhesive Drawer mat liner mat ..
  • KSH.1,999
  • Self adhesive kitchen liner..
  • KSH.1,999
  • Self adhesive kitchen liner m..
  • KSH.1,999
  • High quality 9in1 multi~purpos..
  • KSH.1,299
  • 10 in1 Measuring bowl/sieve &c..
  • KSH.1,625

Buy Home and Living products from Rikeys

Home and living products may be used to mean all the products that we can find inside a household, these items may include the Kitchen accessories, kitchen appliances, Bathroom accessories, Kitchen utensils, Mosquito Nets, Items we use in our bedrooms, Living room accessories and many more.

It is no doubt that a lot of home and living products have been produced to help improve lives in terms of:

Care For Home and Living Products.

Wouldn’t it be nice to buy something for your home like an oven, washer or furnace and know that you never had to spend the money to buy one again? Unfortunately, the systems and appliances in your home have lifespans – after using them consistently over the years, their mechanical parts get worn out and run down. They stop working, and then you end up having to pay for a brand new one.

This is a general list to show you just approximate time spans for your home and living products:

The fact that most people do not take care of these items makes the home and living products to get damaged way before their time of disposal reaches. This is a simple way to help you take care of your home and living products.

Washing Machine