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Masai One Shelters


Masai One Shelters will walk you through a befitting wedding ceremony event for a wedding ceremony should be a memorable event, an occasion that should remain fixed on the mind of the participants for a lifetime.


Corporate events normally look stale and predictable but are one of those events that should be conducted with a lot of planning and considerations. Be it that the event is for: product launch, internal meetings, conferences, training workshops, etc. if you are looking towards a great corporate event Masai One Shelters have you covered.

Settle your Dowry

Whether planning to pay or even host dowry settlement ceremonies, we have you catered for. African dowry payments are always happy events full of happiness and ululations composed of songs and dramas. These are the kinds of events that should be well taken care of to remain fixed in ones mind for generations. Please tag Masai One Shelters along when you plan dowry settlement events.

Memorable Graduation Events

We know all you want during your graduation ceremony is to be happy and merry, because this is that time when you have just finished your studies and want to celebrate the good and the hard times you had in school during your studies. We also know that you want to invite friends and family to help you celebrate this eventful day. We will add pomp and color to ensure you have a memorable day. We hope you invite Masai One Shelters to help plan, organize and carry out your graduation ceremonies.

Flower decor for Occasions

Looking for that perfect flower decor for your perfect event? we got you covered, borrow our expertise for your event and let us decorate your event with our best.

Supporting graceful church events

Believers deserve a conducive environment to follow up on biblical proceedings as well as church ceremonies. A place that caters for the playful children as well as the elderly, and definitely the active youth and teen members. We tailor the surrounding to adapt to any church occasion, be it a baptism, fundraising and more so a prayer event. All you have to do is sit back, relax and focus on the church event rest assured that you got covered to the tiniest of details.

Recent graduation ceremony

The recent graduation event was filled with pomp and colour...We had two graduands celebrating their graduation ceremony in Nairobi, lots of cakes and drinks were served and happiness filled the air. The day was surely a success.

Recent events

We had a blessed weekend serving one of our client having a wedding arrangement known as Ruracio in Kikuyu language, the event was filled with lots happiness.


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