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Rebune 1400watts Stand mixer 5.5L

Key Features

  • 1:3 Accessories - Includes a whisk, dough hook, and flat beater so you can create delicious cake mixes, cookie dough, pizza dough, bread, cupcake batter, mashed potatoes, frosting, and more
  • 2:Hands-free mixing with a powerful 1400W motor, six speeds and a pulse function for exceptional performance.
  • 3:The splash guard keeps everything clean, and the high-capacity 6.3-quart bowl comes with an ergonomic handle.
  • 4:A mixing wand oscillates in an elliptical pattern to ensure deep mixing of ingredients by moving the accessory across the entire surface of the bowl
  • 5:Stainless steel accents add a clean, modern aesthetic to the countertop and make cleaning easy.
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Rebune 1400watts Stand mixer 5.5L can tackle any baking recipe from whipping delicate flours to mixing sticky pizza doughs. This mixer performs better than normal mixers and a tilt-up head design for adding ingredients and changing attachments quickly. Rebune 1400watts Stand mixer 5.5L ensures you bake effortlessly by mixing thick batter and doughs like bread,  pizza, cookies potatoes, with a powerful 1400W powerful motor.

Rebune 1400watts Stand mixer 5.5L has a complete bowl coverage, no scrapping necessary. The stand bowl is made of quality stainless steel. The mixer has a PVC material and stainless steel material. The package includes 2 whisks 2 hooks and a bowl. 

With 6 speeds and a mixing guide, the Rebune 1400watts Stand mixer 5.5L goes from a slow stir to fast mixing with exact control at each setting. Has a control switch that ensures you have maximum control.

Light in weight and an ergonomically designed handle for extra comfort while mixing. The Rebune 1400watts Stand mixer 5.5L has a switch that ensures smooth control of speed by easily moving the switch from front to back. 

Easy to use and clean the accessories. Rebune 1400watts Stand mixer 5.5L is easy to remove the hooks, whisks, and use by quickly changing the mixing of different raw materials. Has a low noise design that lets you enjoy the fun of baking.

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