Frequently asked questions
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who manages is owned and operated by Rikeys Ltd, a private traded corporation that operates a vertical marketing and media online business in the Kenya and internationally. In connection with direct marketing services, Rikeys Ltd. offers informative web content and online marketing services that connect internet visitors with its marketing clients. The address of Rikeys Ltd's principal place of business is Nairobi Kenya. For more information about Rikeys Ltd., click here.

2. How do I contact or Rikeys Ltd?

If you have any questions about please feel free to contact Rikeys Ltd., by email at, or in writing at the following address:
Rikeys Ltd
6th Floor
Nairobi Kenya,

3. Where can I find this site’s privacy policy?

Users of Rikeys Ltd should read and understand the site’s privacy policy before submitting personal information and can view the site’s privacy policy here