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Home and living Products From Genuine Brands.

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Buy Home and Living products from Rikeys

Home and living products may be used to mean all the products that we can find inside a household, these items may include the Kitchen accessories, kitchen appliances, Bathroom accessories, Kitchen utensils, Mosquito Nets, Items we use in our bedrooms, Living room accessories and many more.

It is no doubt that a lot of home and living products have been produced to help improve lives in terms of:

  • -Reduced time performing tasks such as cooking where we get gas cookers, pressure cookers,
  • -Reduced energy consumption such as the introduction of Granite cookwares, water heaters, solar water heaters.
  • -Improved ways of warming food: this has enabled many people to carry packed lunch due to hard economic times when buying food every day during lunch time or whenever a person feels hungry has become very difficult. People can now use items like Electric lunch containers, microwave ovens and even ovens to warm food.
  • -Reduced wastage of food: Before appliances that could store food for a longer periods were introduced, there were a large scale wastage of food as most food would go bad within very short periods of time say within one or two days after cooking, but with so many items like fridges at our disposal, the amount of food that go to waste has reduced in a big way.
  • -Improved health standards: The home and living products now in the market has tremendously improved the health of so many people around the world. Take for example the mosquito nets which have on a larger scale reduced the number of mosquito bites which in some instances would cause diseases like Malaria. The products such as the toothpaste dispensers have reduced the risks of contamination. The products such as Plastic Long Handle Bathroom WC Toilet Scrub Double Side Cleaning Brush Holder have improved the level at which the toilets can get cleaned up to the parts that were initially unreachable. The products such as: Sinbo High Quality Juice Extractor / Juicer, Termozeta La Gelatiera Ice Cream Maker Machine, Ice Cream Maker 4700, Kenwood juice extractor, Signature blenders have enabled users to make their food at home or office hence avoiding the already prepared foods such as juice which may have already overstayed and posing health hazard.
  • -Improved Safety: The home and living products have in a big way promoted safety for many people whether in the bathroom where the anti-slip mats have ensured no falling while bathing due to slippery bathroom floors, Nicer Dicer Plus Multi Chopper Vegetable Cutter Fruit Slicer have reduced the number of people cutting their fingers while cutting ingredients, Stainless Steel Clever cutter have enable people to cut foods like carrots in a safe and better way. While in the toilet, the toilet seats and ladders have helped the young and elderly to stay safe.
  • -Improved organization: Thanks to the innovations in regards to home and living products, many households are more organized today than they were sometimes back. In the kitchen, the use of products such as: Multi-functional Spiral Plastic Egg Holder, Refrigerator Storage Rack Fridge Organizer Set, Kitchen Sink Sider Faucet Caddy Organizer, Generic Microwave Stand, 4 Pack Washable Refrigerator Mats Fridge, 3 layer stainless steel dish rack, Generic Stainless Steel Multipurpose Kitchen Cutlery Holder etc. In the bedroom use items such as Adjustable Shoe Storage Shoe Rack Organiser Shelf Hold Stand, cloth hangers, wardrobes etc, in the living room use products such as generic remote holders etc.

Care For Home and Living Products.

Wouldn’t it be nice to buy something for your home like an oven, washer or furnace and know that you never had to spend the money to buy one again? Unfortunately, the systems and appliances in your home have lifespans – after using them consistently over the years, their mechanical parts get worn out and run down. They stop working, and then you end up having to pay for a brand new one.

This is a general list to show you just approximate time spans for your home and living products:

  • -Furnace - 15-20 years
  • -Air condition: 10- 15 years
  • -Water heater: 10 - 15 years
  • -Shower: 20 years
  • -Dishwasher: 9 years
  • -Oven: 13-15 years
  • -Microwave: 9 years
  • -Fridge: 13 years
  • -Washing machine: 10-13 years

The fact that most people do not take care of these items makes the home and living products to get damaged way before their time of disposal reaches. This is a simple way to help you take care of your home and living products.

  • -Keep all electrical appliances away from water, and never touch anything electrical while you are standing in or near water, or when your hands are wet.
  • -Do not place heavy objects on top of your washing machine, and don’t stand on it.

Washing Machine

  • -When putting clothes in the washing machine, don’t forget to check all the pockets thoroughly. Remove loose change and other objects before starting the wash cycle.
  • -Make sure to only use special washing machine detergents and softeners.
  • -Hand-washing detergents create too much foam and can cause breakage.
  • -Wipe the rubber parts inside the machine after each wash. Remove the dispenser drawer, clean it out, and leave to dry. Do this regularly to prevent the formation of mold.
  • -Remove finished loads immediately. Letting heavy damp laundry sit inside the machine for a long time can damage the drum.
  • -If your washing machine isn’t fitted with a special self-cleaning cycle option, do it manually (approximately once a month). Run the empty machine on the hottest cycle, plus an extra rinse. Make sure to put some lemon juice, vinegar, or descaling agent into the washing powder dispenser compartment.


  • -Your first steps towards proper fridge maintenance need to be taken before it’s even delivered to your home. Ensure that the fridge is transported upright and is not tilted more than 40 degrees. Otherwise, the compressor oil might leak out and damage the whole system.
  • -Switching the refrigerator on immediately after it’s been delivered can also cause compressor oil leakage. If you know for a fact that the fridge was not tilted during transportation, wait for four (preferably six) hours before turning it on. When in doubt, better to wait for about 15 hours.
  • -Do not put hot dishes into your refrigerator — be sure to let them cool down first.
  • -Modern refrigerator models don’t need to undergo complete defrosting twice a year. However, it is still worth giving your fridge a full cleaning now and then, having disconnected it from the socket beforehand.
  • -Don’t forget to clean the back of the refrigerator from dust occasionally (it’s best to use a vacuum cleaner). Needless to say, you should unplug the fridge first.
  • -Dirty pans and pans with wet outside surfaces should never be put into slow cookers. Failure to follow this rule will lead to breakage.
  • -It is important to wipe the inside surface of your slow cooker’s lid after preparing food to stop unwanted moisture, oily fumes, and leftover food bits from accumulating there.
  • -Don’t use the slow cooker pan to rinse grains — this could scratch its inner surface. For the same reason, you should only wash the pan with a soft sponge.
  • -Be sure to keep the cooking ingredients below the maximum capacity mark.
  • Dishwasher
    • -Always position the dishes the correct way: upside down.
    • -Before putting the dishes inside the washer, don’t forget to clean away any food and fat residues by rinsing the dishes in the sink.
    • -Peel off any stickers that might be present on your plates and cups as they can clog the filters.
    • -When placing the dishes inside the washer, make sure to arrange them in such a way that they don’t touch each other and don’t hinder the rotation of the water sprinkler.
    • -Use special dishwashing powders and tablets only. Opting for ordinary dishwashing liquids will lead to malfunctions.
    • -It is important to keep cutlery and other small objects from scattering. Placed incorrectly, they can block the washer’s rotating parts.
    • -Always put salt and rinser in the dishwasher’s dispenser tray. This will improve the appliance’s performance and prolong its service life.
    • -When cooking very lightweight products, it’s best to put a glass of water in the microwave as well. The water will absorb some of the microwave radiation which should provide better results.
    • -Try not to put anything on top of the microwave. But if this cannot be avoided, make sure the objects don’t block the appliance’s ventilation grilles.
    • -Never activate the microwave when it’s empty. This can easily damage the magnetron (the device that generates microwaves).
    • -Avoid placing excessively heavy items in the microwave (you can find information about the appliance’s maximum weight capacity in the manual).
    • -Do not use crockery that is not especially suited for microwave ovens: ignoring this warning may result in a fire.
    • -Do not heat products longer than necessary.
    • -And, last but not least, promptly remove food and grease residues from the appliance’s inner surfaces using soft cleaning aids.
    • -Make sure that your toaster never comes into contact with water, and do not use it with wet hands. Keep it away from easily flammable objects, such as curtains.
    • -Toasters are suitable for dry bread and pastries. This does not include other types of bread (such as scones with glaze, butter, or cream).
    • -If you’re using your toaster every day, it is necessary to clean its insides from crumbs once a week. Don’t forget to remove the plug from the socket before you begin cleaning.
    • -Do not use the appliances to shred excessively hot, just-cooked products. You should wait until they have cooled to at least 158-176°F.
    • -It is best to ensure that no liquid gets inside the blender’s motor housing. To clean the blender, take a moist cloth and wipe the casing.
    • -Don’t leave your submersible blender switched on for too long as this might overheat the motor.
    • -It is not recommended to use a blender for shredding dry ingredients, such as crackers.