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Rikeys is a limited company offering business solutions such as inventory management, brand and product marketing, selling platform and buying platform online, we are currently looking for interested persons to fill the positions of:-

  1. Sales Representatives: Rikeys a brand new E-business platform operating in Nairobi and its environs has enjoyed a massive growth from its inception time two years ago is seeking to hire sales people to help market the brand in Nairobi and its environs, do you think you have what it takes? please see more details Here
  2. General Manager:will be responsible in ensuring that all activities are done in the most efficient and most effective ways to ensure maximum customer experience and quality returns for the customer’s investments and also ensure profitability of the company.

  3. Content Manager:responsible for the management of our social media pages, content on our website, our blog pages and our mails.

  4. Web Designer: will be responsible for daily updates and checks to make sure the Rikeys platform is working properly and effectively in favor of both the clients and the company.

  5. Graphic Designer: will be responsible for the quality of images both on the website and on the print media, on a daily basis this individual will be resposible for the beautification of client products and image, designing items like:- Online banners, client logos, removal of item backgrounds, taking pictures etc.

  6. Interested candidates can send their credentials to listing their qualifications, experiences, skills and abilities.
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