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Made of stock management platforms including: point of sale , inventory manager, sales tracker and e-commerce platforms, Rikeys is a secure easy to use E-business platform available on both web and on mobile application platfforms. With an embedded P.O.S for selling inside an enterprise, an inventory manager for managing inventory in real time and over a period of time, a stakeholder center for easy communication between business stakeholders, an e-commerce platform allowing enterprises to market their brands and products which shoppers then view and make orders. see more Rikeys Pages HERE

Shop | Manage | Market | Sell with Rikeys- Kenya’s holistic E-business platform.

Discover the ultimate shopping destination at Rikeys! Explore a vast selection of your favorite products and have them delivered to you within the fastest time possible. Experience convenience and quality when you shop at Rikeys. Shop: Fashion including, Fashion, Home and living, Interior designs, flowers, event planners, Auto spares, Epson products and many more. Interact with our local vendors for that personal touch, get their friendly services and earn discounts from them too. Encourage your local vendor to join Rikeys today and earn points you can later use to shop too.

Buy high quality printers from Rikeys Platform today: get Epson products including Print heads,Epson cable heads,Epson CR belts,Epson CR encoder strip,Epson inks,Epson printers,Epson main boards,Epson maintenance boards, Epson pick up rollers, Epson power supplies. Purchase high quality Home and living products including: Breakfast set, cereal dispensers, cloth racks, cooking pots, duvets, egg boiler, hot pots, lunch box, nets, lemon squeezer, masher, utensils and many more at affordable prices.

Get ahead with our computing devices including: Dell computers, HP computers, Samsung laptops and many more, you can also get storage devices such as sandisk memory cards, flash disks, hard disks and hard disk drives. If you are opening new office buy products such as TP links, Webcams, Ubiquity, Norton security and more. Rikeys still is your most holistic E-business platform of all, to shop market, manage and sell. Create a Rikeys page to market your brand, sell your products in and out of your shop conveniently and effectively.

Shop quality smartphones from Rikeys, we have a variety of quality smartphones that are pocket friendly and will suit you pretty well during these hard times, we assorted brands such as Tecno, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Oppo etc, place an order today.

Get quality Furniture, Fashion, Electronics, Home and living, Interior Decorations & more on

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping. Welcome to Rikeys. Shop for your favorite Fashion designs including: Shoes, bags, trousers, skirts, open shoes, shirts, pull necks, blazers just to name a few. Buy electronics including TVs, headphones, monitors, lunch boxes and many more. Improve the look of your homes with ready and available products see our home and living section for more, improve your interior decor here at Interior Decorations.

Manage your inventory seamlessly.

Are you one of those still using books to manage inventory like taking stock in the morning just before you open and in the Evening just before you close shop? If you are a shop owner do you have a way to know the stock levels in your shop even if you are not in the shop? Use Rikeys to efficiently manage your stock wherever you are, remember inventory is money lying in form of products. If you had the knowledge of your inventory you would then make an informed decision on restocking and knowing which inventory is performing and which one is not. You can even Enable your supplier to track how the products they supplied are doing in your shop for those who get paid when they have made a sale.

Track sales in real time and over a period of time.

Calling your salesperson to check how many products have been sold? Or even, do you have to come to the shop to check how many products have been sold in your shop? Rikeys enables you to track sales in your shop in real and over a period of time whenever and wherever you at, make use of the free point of sale system in the app for better record keeping.

Market & Sell your Brand and products with Rikeys.

Worried about marketing your products? Use Rikeys. With Rikeys you will be able to list your products and brands for marketing, making use of your own Rikeys page for your business, Rikeys enables you to list as many products as you wish, edit prices and content in your page at any time. Take advantage of the pre installed SEO strategies including Twitter cards, Rich Snippets, Schema.org markup, Canonical tags, Microformats, open graph objects to share better on Facebook and more. Remember you decide which of your products are taken online for selling.

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