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Better | Simple | Solutions

We intend to help people find products and services they look for easily & faster from well run shops and businesses in an environment that is secure, light, transparent & easy to navigate.

Rikeys as a shopping platform


Simple and Secure platform

We care about your security and simplicity on this platform so that you don't have to.


Explore variety of products

Improve convenience exploring different products & prices with a touch of a button, anytime.


Quality @ a bargain price

We make our customer the winner on every purchase, get quality best priced around.


Easy returns

Shop with confidence, get what you ordered or have your money back within 24 hours of shopping.


Get it delivered faster

We have worked on logistics to enable you get orders conveniently delivered faster & safer.

Rikeys is an E-business platform available on both web & mobile application platfforms for shopping, managing and selling.

With an embedded P.O.S for selling inside an enterprise, an inventory manager for managing inventory in real time and over a period of time, a stakeholder center for easy communication between business stakeholders, an e-commerce platform allowing enterprises to market their brands and products which shoppers then view and make orders.

Get a Rikeys-Page today and get many other benefits, Get better at managing inventory, marketing your brand and products, making sales and having your customers buy your products easily.

rikeys point of sale machine with a bucket of oranges


Organized Cloud Point of Sale.

Rikeys Pages offers all rounded E-business services, allowing business owners to manage their inventory using a cloud point of sale system that tracks sales made and syncs them with the available stock to provide real time stock level reports, sales reports etc.

Rikeys pages' line-graph
Track Sales In Real Time

There’s a big chance that in every business owner exists a need to track sales in their shops whenever it happens. With Rikeys this is a success story

beautiful notebooks
Daily Sales Record

Instead of having to jot down sales record every time you are to close your business for the day, Rikeys-pages automatically does this for you right on your phone.

bar graph for over-time records
Over-time Sales Record

On a touch of a button one can see records of overtime sales from daily, weekly and even yearly using Rikeys pages.

Rikeys inventory real-time tracker
Manage Inventory in real-time

With Rikeys pages you can know exactly the number of every product in your shop anytime and from anywhere you are.

 red apple phone with watch and earpiece


Market your Brand/Products.

Businesses can also market their products and brands on Rikeys pages, unlike others offering the same services, we really concentrate on growing brands, we dwell on letting your name known to the world with whatever you are offering, we give you the platform to make a name to the world.

Better google presence.

Use our inbuilt google marketing strategies eg: Rich Snippets, Schema.org markup, Canonical tags, Microformats etc to help your page/products rank better.

Share better on Facebook.
facebook post screenshot

Use open graph objects to share better on Facebook, this makes sharing with your friends on your timeline or even on your Facebook business pages an easy affair.

Share better on Twitter.
twitter card screenshort example

Rikeys pages have built in Twitter Cards to attach rich photos, videos, media experiences to your Tweets, this helps drive more traffic to your page.

Easily update content.
edit button

Make use of Rikeys page's powerful back-end for adminstrators to change content including prices, names, descriptions to always remain as current as possible



Seemless Checkout

Page visitors are given an easy checkout system that they can use to order your products and services as seemless as possible, with the messaging box as open as a book, your site visitors are able to communicate with you as soon as they feel like.

monkey with a mirror


Mirror your Brand/Business

If you have ever found yourself having difficulty in explaining your business/brand to your portential customers/clients or even friends, then you probably know what am talking about, Rikeys pages gives you a better way to explain your business in black and white.

a tin with coins


Spend Less

With Rikeys pages one need not to worry about creating back links, site maintenance, Search Engine Optimization etc. One is only required to be adding content, editing and sharing page, we do all the rest.


Creating a Business Page

Registering your business with Rikeys pages and having an account will mean and increase your chances of growing your business in many ways. With everything in life, starting is always the most difficult part, many give up before even trying.

What is for sure is that you are differend considering the far you have come. This video is going to brief you on how to get started with Rikeys pages. Get going.


Quick, inside Rikeys POS

Spanning from the ability to take stock, track stock levels in real time, make sales, track sales in real time, divide work among your employees and print receipts, Rikeys provides you with a platform to transform your business in a big way.

With Rikeys POS you can be in control of your business wherever and whenever you are, you can easily identify which products are doing well, which ones needs restocking, how your sales are doing without physically being in your shop. see more in the video.


Printing Receipts

Rikeys is an online platform you can use to shop, sell, or even manage inventory in your shop, while managing inventory, a shop may always require printing receipts for their clients or customers. Using Rikeys can be a simpler solution to get your next receipt for your customer, and it is not difficult to use. Learn more from this video.


Placing An Order

Online shopping practice has become a norm these days, at the comfort of a person's home they can just do an online search of the items they want and place an order for the product to be delivered to them.

Nevertheless many people are still skeptical of this practice because of different reasons that may include: Difficulty in placing orders, people having to wait forever before getting the products they ordered online, getting the wrong product delivered to them.

At Rikeys, we have worked hard on solving these issues. See more in the video.

Try Rikeys-Pages today for a 14 day free trial.

Please leave us your comments and questions on our main page otherwise sign up , we care for the data you give us and this data shall not be transfered to any third party.

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