Why businesses are using Rikeys instead of traditional Hard copy bo
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Why businesses are using Rikeys instead of traditional Hard copy books for stock management

Have you ever realized why most businesses fail? well, there are many reasons to explain this, but among the many reasons, most small businesses fail because of a lack of keeping crucial business records or even losing crucial business records after keeping them on hard copy books that may get lost. Talking of Crucial business records may scare most people if we do not decode it. Crucial business records include but not limited to: Sales records, Supplier records, Customer records, stock records, etc. It is important to keep such records for proper business decisions going forward with your business, having in mind that a business is a going concern.

Rikeys enables businesses to do many things including helping them record and maintain the transaction records in the safe and cheapest way available today. These are some of the reasons why businesses are now using Rikeys to record and keep data today:

1)Easily record sales

Rikeys enables businesses to record sales with a click, instead of having to write a sale in a book, you just have to click on a button and the sale will be recorded as you continue transacting more businesses in your shop.

2)Ability to track inventory levels without being in the shop

Rikeys' inventory manager enables users to track inventory levels anytime and anywhere they are without having to hand count and do calculations in the shop to know which item is running out and which one needs replacement etc. Knowing your stock level can help you avoid losing money when customers come asking for products you thought are on the shelf only to find they have been sold out.

3)Tracking sales in real-time

Have you realized that there are some shop owners who always have to do a phone call to their shop attendants to ask how the sales of the day are? Well with Rikeys, this is in the past, shop owners can now track sales in their shops in real-time without having to make phone calls.

4)Ability to use a mobile phone

Unlike some programs people use to manage their inventories in which you have to use a computer either desktops or laptops, with Rikeys this is not a must because you can use just your smartphone to do literally everything you could do using your computer, good thing being that you can always access that critical business information whenever and wherever you are.

5)Ability to record suppliers' details

Having and maintaining records of the suppliers may not seem as important as it should be on your mind leave alone the ability to communicate with them occasionally, but this is a very important part of your business success as the number of the suppliers you the records of will always dictate your pricing and even your capacity to sell when orders fall due. Rikeys enables you to record, maintain, and constantly communicate with your suppliers in a very easy way.

6)Ability to record customers' details

It is really important to understand that selling to your existing customers is way easier than selling to new customers, this means that having and keeping a customer base data reduces your cost of sales tremendously. Rikeys makes it easy to record and retrieve the customer details easily and efficiently, you can have the record of all your customers and easily communicate with them, share new offers directly targeting them, wish them happy birthdays and create a friendship like bond where you understand each other in a personal way.

7)A well-designed checkout system

It’s a fact that even today when you walk in most stores in town, you will mostly find businesses using calculators to do the math on totals and balances: some use pens and books to do calculations, others just do calculations on their heads, well this can always be very traffic because for most of us it’s not once that we have had these people do the wrong calculation and give wrong balance, in fact, this can lead to businesses losing money. With a well-designed checkout system that is very simple to use, Rikeys intends to enable businesses to calculate totals first and checkout shoppers 10 times faster than the traditional methods.

8)Tracking specific performing and underperforming products

Using the traditional methods like hand-counting whenever you do stock-taking etc may not really give a real picture of how specific products or product categories are performing, you might be overstocking the wrong products and understocking the wrong products, it is important that you can get this information in real-time irrespective of where you are. This is made possible with Rikeys, Rikeys uses graphs and tables to show you this vividly.


Our users comment this many times that it is simpler to use Rikeys than it is to write on books, so long as you have an account, internet bundles or wifi, and a smartphone or a computer. At Rikeys you only have to record data and retrieve it that simple, as a matter of fact, our users normally take less than a day to understand the nitty-gritty and can handle it by themselves by the second day of using the platform.

10)Environment friendly

Papers are biologically degradable and can be seen lying all around us, but it is important to know that papers are made from trees cut down. The main reason as to why the whole world should be moving towards a paperless society is that we need trees. In the past, we have witnessed so many trees cut down reducing the amount of forest cover all the world, but no more. You can be an ambassador of change by using paperless resources such as Rikeys to help drive the change that you want.


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