Kidful Electric breast pump
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|Rosans Baby Shop | Kidful Electric breast pump

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Kidful Electric breast pump

electric breast pump
  • Kidful Electric breast pump
  • Ksh.2,700

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Key Features

  • 1:Easy to use and clean
  • 2:No leakage
  • 3:Mimics the sucking movement of a baby-No nipple soreness
  • 4:Double breast pump
  • 5:Health assured (Made from food grade material)- BPA FREE

    breast pump


  • Prepare extra milk for your baby's needs. Electric breast pump is very easy to use and clean. It does not have leakages. The electric breast pump has double breast pump . The breast pump is also health assured since it is made from good food grade material. Closed System, 4 modes and 9 levels of suction for choice,massage and stimulate breasts before pumping,comfortable and pain free. How to use 1)Read the instruction manual and familiarize yourself with your model. 2)Wash your hands and make sure all parts of the breast pump are clean. 3)Find a private place where you feel relaxed. Think about your baby; this will trigger the hormones that help release the breast milk. 4)Place the assembled breast shields on your breasts. 5)Hold the shields, and not the attached bottles, so you can adjust them as needed. 6)Make sure the shields are centered over the nipples. If the placement is off, the suction can be damaging. 7)Turn the machine on. Milk will usually start to flow within two minutes. At that point, some machines, such as Medela pumps and Philips AVENT pumps, will adjust in speed. If your pump doesn't adjust by itself, it's helpful to vary the speed so that it's inconsistent, similar to the sucking motions of a baby. 8)Find a speed that is comfortable and efficient. Pumping should never be painful. 9)Continue thinking about your baby, listening to music, checking e-mail, or engaging in other distracting activities. For some women, staring at the bottles can actually impede milk flow. 10)When your milk flow has slowed down and you feel as though you're finished, turn off the pump. 11)Remove the breast shields. Carefully unscrew the bottles and put caps on them. 12)With warm, soapy water, wash any pieces that touched your body and/or your milk. 13)Set the pieces out to air-dry. The milk is okay at room temperature for four to six hours. 14)The Centers for Disease Control says it's safe to refrigerate breast milk for up to five days. 15)When stored in a chest or upright deep freezer, the milk keeps for six to 12 months. Available in Nairobi. Deliveries done counytrywide.
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