6 reasons to shop with Rikeys
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6 reasons to shop with Rikeys

As one of our clients put it plainly that the greatest reasons she shopped online was the feeling one gets when products they wanted are delivered to them in their homes, offices, hotels, class or any place they are in, with no need of them going for the products. It is a fact that there is a constant increase in population especially in cities, this results in crowding of areas making movements around, pretty difficult. Shop online today and you get your products delivered to your desired destinations. 

1)Easy to shop

Shopping on Rikeys

Many people became sceptical when it comes to online shopping, they are afraid that they might not find their way around getting the products they wanted or they might even end up ordering a wrong product or still that they are not savy enough. Rikeys makes it as easy as 123, you just click the product that you want, click place an order, enter your details and your product will be on its way to your desired destination.

2) More information about products

A lot of us do not realize that we need atleast 80% of information before we purchase a product, hence we sometimes rush in believing in what we see and sometimes not what is written, sometimes we are right, most of the times we are wrong, why? because some products really look alike but as it is said, the devil is always in the details. This is why we spent most of the time writing more content of information so that you may find all the information you need about that product you are just about to order before you place that order.

3) Instant Delivery

Did you know that sometimes you just have to imagine things and they appear to you? with Rikeys we pride ourselves in having the fastest deliveries you can imagine, some of our clients say "When I want it first, I place the order on Rikeys". Even as some online shops take ages to make deliveries, we take the shortest time possible to deliver your product to you. They say every promise requires a keeper, we have kept this so many times. Try us today.

4) Better Prices

about rikeys shopping

One thing that is for sure, is that prices online are very competitive as it is very easy to hide with hiked prices in a hidden shop anywhere, but because of the transparity that internet provides, prices have to stay competitive online. At Rikeys we want you to be better, get better and enjoy shopping online, we therefore compare prices and get the best price for you. Whenever you shop from Rikeys be sure that you are getting the best price on a highly competitive environment.


Different people do quote different reasons why they do not shop online, but one reason they tend to agree on is the integrity of online shops, many people have fallen to the tricks that illegitimate online businesses play on them. We strive to improve on lots of things as Rikeys to improve how we do business, but one that we take very seriously is to ensure that whenever a shopper shops from Rikeys, that they get the value for their money. When you shop from Rikeys, you are not just the bottom line, you become our top most priority and we take it up on ourselves to ensure that your interest is met, before anything else.


safety on Rikeys Platform

Am I safe shopping on Rikeys platform? This is a question that we do not wait to be asked by platform users, but it forms the basis of our day to day activities to ensure that users are safe on our platform. We have put in systems that protects you as a user from Cyber attacks such as: phishing, spear phishing, vishing, whaling etc. We take it up on ourselves to ensure safety.

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