How to shop from Rikeys
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How to shop from Rikeys

Rikeys is an online platform for shopping, selling and managing businesses. It enables shoppers to easily place orders online on different products from the comfort of their homes, cars, offices and wherever they are anytime. Shopping online has never been more easier with high accessibility, interactive pictures and informative content, a shopper only needs to:

shopping from rikeys

  1. Click add to cart
  2. Click place an order
  3. Add your details including your delivery address.
  4. Submit

And Voila you are done, you will receive an email on the products that you have just placed an order on, someone will reach out to you and you will be notified on the status of your order and the expected delivery time. Rikeys currently offers the fastest delivery times with 96% accuracy. 

rikeys delivery

For deliveries within Nairobi, payments are made on delivery, while deliveries outside Nairobi, payments are made before delivery.

Happy shopping with Rikeys, to us you are not the bottomline, but the top most priority.

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