Rikeys strives towards a leading shopping platform
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Rikeys strives towards a leading shopping platform

Rikeys, run by young vibrant innovative Kenyans in Nairobi Kenya is an Ebusiness platform known for many functionalities including but not limited to an informative, easy to navigate, secure Shopping platform trusted by Kenyans and Africans at large. In a sea of donkeys, Rikeys has decided to be a unicorn by creating a secure marketplace where quality products are sold and bought at better prices and delivered faster than the traditional markets do. There are so many reasons why Rikeys has not only caught many eyes of online shoppers but has also made them to select Rikeys as their number one shopping platform, we have only highlighted 10 of the reasons below.

A shopping platform

1) Informative content

With our well informative content written by specialist content writers and well-structured Search engine optimization done by able SEO engineers, our presence has been without a doubt a disruption and the good thing has been that online users love reading our informative content before they proceed to place their orders. In many occasions some of the content consumers have expressed their gratitude to the content we give on our web-pages, some also call to demand we write some contents on the products they use and are not on our platform, this we have always done.

Our informative content has enabled us to get recognition from customers all over the world and most specifically in Africa, 2 years ago we could not believe that today we could be talking about people placing orders from countries such as Cameroon, Siera Leone, South Africa etc, this came to us as a surprise we positively took advantage of.

2)We value our customers

In everything we do, in every code, in every decision we make, our customers come first, we clearly understand that without making our customers happy we would just rather close business and head home because it is the customers who fuel our business to go forward.

3)We have better prices in the market

Price is a very important factor in a shopper's Blackbox, shoppers are normally thrilled with better prices, this is a knowledge and experience we have had to learn, and because of this we have been to have shoppers coming back to shop on our website again and again.

We have a complete team doing market analysis and price comparisons and we can assure our shoppers that before they compare prices, we have had a whole team do that over and over and thus we can always assure better prices

4)We have higher accuracy on deliveries

On all of our deliveries we have had 96% accuracy, this just means that in 100 products we have delivered only 4 have had to be returned for replacements. We really try to understand what exactly our shoppers want and we deliver it to them confidently, we also do due diligence to ensure the products we deliver are of high standards.

5)We have made it pretty easy to shop from Rikeys

The shopping steps at Rikeys are very simple:

  1. search
  2. order
  3. receive

We have also enabled shoppers especially in Nairobi to place orders and pay for them on delivery, this has sparked more confidence on our shoppers when on our platform, they shop knowing they will only pay when they receive and confirm the product.

6)We have a faster delivery time

Most people would rather travel to do shopping on their own for fear of long delivery durations from online platforms, this for us is a NO, we do deliveries in Nairobi in between 2 to 4 hours after an order has been placed and one day delivery to places outside Nairobi but in Kenya. So next time when you want it delivered faster, do not hesitate to use Rikeys.


7)We have a faster response rate

When you want to enquire about a product before placing the order, we are a call/chat or SMS away, we respond in between 3 to 5 minutes and we dedicate our time to make you understand the product you are just about to order.

8)We have flexible payment methods

We want our shoppers to be and stay safe when they shop online and that is why we accept the payment method you would prefer, you can decide to pay using: Cash, Mpesa, Airtel money and bank transfer.

9)We have cheaper delivery fees

Depending on the product sizes, Rikeys’ delivery fees start from as low as Ksh200 compared to the market rate of Ksh500

10)98% surety of product availability 

The products you see on Rikeys platform has a surety of availability of 98%, we have a mechanism that automatically removes the products that are out of stock from our platform, we also do thorough product reviews to update our stocks as they fall due so that shoppers never hesitate to place orders. 

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