sell with Rikeys in 5 steps
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sell with Rikeys in 5 steps

When Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee English engineer and computer scientist best known as the inventor of the World Wide Web proposed an information management system on 12 March 1989 then implemented the first successful communication between Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) client and server via internet in mid-November the same year we found Internet.

Internet has just been a round for about 31 years today, but has achieved a lot in terms of easing payments, transfer of information, management of information just to mention but a few. Selling on the internet has become part of our daily life, it is easy to set up and run with basic computer knowledge.

Rikeys has made this extra easy for you today, this is how to get started:

  1. Signup and Login
  2. Create a Business Page and set it up.
  3. Add new products to your page and categorize them.
  4. Add your product to the public profile.
  5. Share with your friends and customers to start ranking.

1) Signup and Login

Head over HERE to fill your details in a short Signup form that will enroll your details for easier recognition and to secure your data so that it is only you who can access your personal information, your information remains secure so long as you have not shared your Login details with anyone.

After Signup, you can access the Login form HERE this is a short form for Logging in to your account so that you can start shopping or get to manage or sell with online.

2) Create a Business Page and set it up.

Create a business page to manage and sell your products online by filling up this form , remember to include your Business name and give an in depth description of your business, location, products and your competitive advantage including the values you stand for as a business. 

Get to My Page click on your page name and on the edit button set up your page, adding your Profile picture, editing your about and adding your business values.

3) Add new products to your page and categorize them.

Click on Add new Item button to add new products to your page, include picture of the item, number of pieces and make sure you use a longer name of more than 5 words to name your product, this helps your product to rank higher on the internet.

Click Edit stock button to put your product to the category you want this will help you later in tracking the performance of different product categories while managing your shop.

4) Add your product to the public profile.

Having uploaded and categorized your product, you can now click on the +Public Profile button to add your product to the public profile so that it can be seen by the public. While doing this, please try to be open and give more information about your product as much as possible, if more info is given on particular products, shoppers will not hesitate but just place the order, if not they will have to call to inquire or just bounce out.

5) Share your product with friends and customers

Hooray, now that you have uploaded your product to the public page, you can now share it with your friends and customers for it to rank faster, you have just done what many people think is difficult and undoable.



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